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At Designs by Roxan, we are driven to help you find your ideas and create designs that express those ideas. Our vision is clear and we have a creative staff ready to assist you with all of your Graphic Design needs. Our number one priority is customer satisfaction and we will do everything necessary to ensure that your creative ideas are expressed through State of the Art Graphic Design Techniques. 

"We want to help you express yourself in an artistic way"


History of project

2002- Present 

Graphic Designer • Designs by Roxan

We design brochures, retail packaging, business cards, mail campaigns, advertisements, and identity packages. With your creative ideas the sky is the limit.  We are able to get you to the final printed project. The software we use is Quark, Adobe Illustrator, Photoshop, Flight Check,  Adobe Page Maker, Adobe Acrobat, and we prepare all print media for output.


Design Clients:


Orphic Skull

Royce Medical

A.B. Johnson, Inc.

Star Jasmine Music

Sun Wave Surfacing

May Family Medical Clinic

Florence Hooper Family Medical Clinic

And many more...








For all your printed needs...Print Media Campaigns:

  • We will help design your logo and build your identity package.
  • We are able to provide technical illustrations for patent drawings.
  • We create retail packaging layouts using templates/dye lines for any packaging design.
  • We design single or multiple page layouts for magazines and advertising campaigns.
  • We are able to draw sketches electronically using Adobe Illustrator.
  • And much more...


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